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“A page turning exploration of the curse and ecstasy of female beauty and sensuality against the intriguing international background of a terror plot during the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the most prestigious auto race on the planet.” Warren Adler, author of The War of the Roses and Random Hearts“Fiction based on fact! The most comprehensive portrayal of the 24 Hours of Le Mans race, meticulously woven into imaginary depiction of the high-octane terror plot and heroine’s tireless quest for love. A romantic thriller impossible to put down.” Manuela Roosevelt, Publisher, Springwood “The Racing Heart delivers exactly what its title suggests: a thrilling ride through the hairpin twists and turns of Le Mans with an evocative tour through the chambers of a beautiful young woman’s heart in the bargain. There might have been a time when ‘all’ a stalwart driver had to worry about at le Mans was enduring the most brutal 24 hours in the high-performance racing world, hoping to grasp the winner’s trophy at the end. But as Ava Roosevelt makes clear, those innocent days are long gone, with terrorists replacing the threat of a high-banked turn, the roar of high explosives ready to drown the thunder of the crowd and the lovely Tygre a pawn in a game of international conspiracy. Strap your seat belt on tight for a taut and passion-filled ride.” Les Standiford, author of Bringing Adam Home“For a girlie book, The Racing Heart’s alright!” Tom Clancy, author of The Hunt for Red October, Dead or Alive, Without Remorse, Rainbow Six, and many other titles“Kinetic brilliance! A novel of great love, exceptional in a multitude of ways.” Beatrice Fairbanks Cayzer, author of The Harrow Quartet and Love Love in Darfur“The Racing Heart, a love story, doused with a terror plot scrupulously vetted for accuracy and hard to imagine. A super-fast read!” Paul Galvydis, Special Agent (Ret.), FBI“A riveting tale of love and hate in an unlikely setting, keeps you craving more. The pace is quick, the writing tight and the result a natural winner!” Paulette Cooper Noble, author of The Scandal of Scientology, The Medical Detectives and 16 other titles."Ava, I started reading your book last night and I couldn't put it away- I am on chapter 25. Can't wait to finish. Love the plot, the Polish touch in the book is great, the sex scenes!!! WOW. Congratulations! Hugs and kisses, Asha."-Asha Ciomek.EUROHOMES, Palm Beach "I finished reading your book and think you have done marvelously well with it all! I particularly liked the memory parts..."-Stephania ConradPalm Beach, Florida "I am loving The Racing Heart, Ava. I read half the book last night. Couldn't put it down."-Kathryn WardWard Pilaties. Darien Connecticut"The Racing Heart's an engaging, exciting and suspenseful story, masterfully told. Finished in one seating. A must read." -Celik Kayalar. PHDFounder& Director: Film Acting Bay AreaWriter, Director, Exec-Producer: Monlight Sonata And this is what Guy Cosmo, in the attached photograph with me, had to say at the book signing, last week in Palm Beach."Best of luck with your remarkable book, Ava. May we all have the racing heart!"-Guy CosmoProfessional racing driver, American Le Mans SeriesTequila Patron 430 Ferrari GT

KIRKUS INDIE REVIEWThe stakes are high for a young supermodel as she tries to foil a terrorist plot in this high-speed, passionate romance novel.The 24 Hours of Le Mans, the pinnacle of automotive racing, serves as the backdrop for Roosevelt’s debut novel. Stir in a Middle East terrorist plot to take out the president of the United States, a few torrid one-night stands and one love story, and there is enough to keep the reader turning the pages. The reluctant heroine is supermodel Tygre Topolska. Tygre’s previous—and unfortunate—liaison with the wealthy Saudi owner of Karim Racing places her in a unique position to help the FBI prevent an attack on some very high-value targets. But the price she pays is staggering. The novel is peppered with rich, powerful, abusive men who helped determine the course of Tygre’s rise to fame, leading up to the über-villains, epitomized by the pill-popping Khalil Karim and his pathologically malevolent assistant, Malik Youssaf. Flashbacks reveal the personal journey of a romantic, high-spirited teenage girl from Poland who, as a young woman, must find her way back to her core set of values—a task made more difficult while living amid the excitement and glamour of a world filled with private planes, exotic homes and access to the nation’s center of political and economic power. The narrative progresses quickly, comfortably vacillating between present and past. The behind-the-scenes details and dangers of Le Mans racing ring true and function well as a compelling foil for the simultaneous life and death drama being taking place off the racecourse.Perfect, as a light beach read or a pleasant escape on a cold winter night by the fire. KIRKUS INDIE REVIEW